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Vision Aid Overseas

We continue to collect discarded spectacles and send them for cleaning and calibration prior to dispatch to Africa.

Aqua Boxes

This Club has been enthusiastic regarding this form of disaster aid. Each Box has two functions.

 Each box is filled with a selection of useful hardware & hygiene items.

 The box also contains a filter cartridge and a matching supplyof water -treatment tablets. When the welfare items are removed each standard Aqua Box can be used to purify up to 1000 litres of polluted water - enough for a group of four people for about four months  drinking 10 cups of  water a day.

The club is currently purchasing and filling two boxes each year and have to date provided over 100 boxes, thanks in no small way to the commitment of the late Past President  Bob Timmins.

 In addition we introduced the Aqua Box to a Local Community School which has resulted in the provision of four completed boxes in eight months.

A very committed group of ladies (ex Inner Wheel of this Club) have to date purchased and filled ten Aqua boxes - a wonderful achievement.


"Dictionaries for Life" for Schools in Zimbabwe

We have purchased and funded the transport of 160 "Dictionaries for Life" via the Rotary Club of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe for use in schools and Libraries. This has not been a straightforward operation due to the complexities of the Zimbabwe customs authorities. It is hoped that R.I.B.I will arrange a much larger project in the future.

Shelter Boxes

 (This is large tent with sleeping bags,cooker,water purification,warmth and shelter for ten people --all in one box.)

The club (as in the rest of the country) responded to the Tsunami emergency in south east Asia in Dec. 2004 with a street collection which resulted in over £1000 which enabled us to purchase two boxes (£490) each via the originators of the shelter box scheme - Rotary Club of Helston / Lizard in Cornwall.

Since then we have ordered 2 more boxes through the generosity o fPast President Roger and Margaret Duffield who have had two summer fund- raising Bar-B-Q's at their home.

Following the Haiti earthquake disaster our club has funded the provision of two further boxes,which have been ordered for immediate dispatch to Haiti.


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