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Kidderminster Rotary Club have given £500 to The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer

Trust. The trust, a registered national charity, was formed in memory of a local girl - Grace Kelly – who died in 2014.

At a recent meeting with Rotarians, Grace’s granddad, Chris Britt-Compton, explained that she was a happy, deeply caring little girl who died at the tender age of  four from a rare form of childhood cancer which has never been researched.  

The Trust not only reaches out to children, but also to their parents; knowing that for some, the parents’ friends actually stay away, whereas for other parents, their friends try too hard to help. Chris went on to say: “The Trust also endeavours to raise awareness among parents and the medical fraternity who may not be aware of all the symptoms of childhood cancer”.      


The Trust raises funding for medical research into specific childhood cancers as well as providing an increasing range of free publications in support of children, parents and clinicians.

Chris had several real-life stories of children whose cancer had been detected in good time because of the Grace Kelly Trust’s Awareness Cards     In thanking the Rotary Club for their generous donation, he said “ I hope that Grace's name continues to be associated with saving children’s  lives.”

Besides introducing Chris, Rotarian Liz Rowley thanked him for explaining how the idea for The Trust evolved and for using words that we could all understand. The charity and all it’s free resources can be reached at

Ken Adderley

Press Officer Rtn. Ken Adderley 19th November 2018